Sandehakari (सन्देहकारी)

Who can be a Sandehakari?

The word ‘Sandehakari’ (सन्देहकारी in Nepali) simply translates to ‘Skeptical Person’ in English, but in this blog I’d like to extend the meaning of the term to ‘someone who likes to question things and think for a hobby’.

I am from Nepal, and I thoroughly enjoy discussing about ideas in general – be them good or bad, right or wrong – anything humans have thought of or can think of. I’m the kind of guy who’d love to casually yet passionately discuss about philosophy, science and everything nice, over coffee or tea – even with total strangers!

So you’ll find skeptical posts in this website, where I try to debunk extraordinary claims made by people, tradition or institutions – to separate what is genuine science from what is not. The range of topics that could be covered under debunk posts can be vast – from alternative medicines and astrology to climate change denial, postmodernism and of course ‘fake-news’.

Apart from that, I love writing about philosophy in general. Philosophy of science, morality, well-being and ethics being my areas of concern. But if you have any unique or interesting thought-experiments, you can throw them my way and I’d happily become your thinking guinea pig. I love to mess with my brain in this way.

However, the major goal of mine is to try and make critical thinking relevant through my writings. In the digital age, we need this skill more than ever before, owing to all the information surplus we are bombarded with. It’s really useful to have that trained ability to sort out what’s real from what’s fake. But a short disclaimer – critical thinking takes much reading and practise for us to master it. Also, I am not an authority on morality nor on critical thinking. Consider me just a partner with whom you can exchange ideas with, that’s all. 

Enjoy and Engage. Thank you!

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