Personal Opinion, Skepticism

Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

Yoga and Ayurveda may have their own appeal to some people individually, but let me tell you that most of this trend is nothing but super-hyped marketing!

Its indeed a common realization that marketing never justifies reality. So why do we let ourselves be fooled by sadhu-cum-guru businessmen who capitalize on this post-modern idea?

It’s actually the same as believing, based on advertisement, that ‘Dove’ brand soaps do not cause change in litmus paper. Now how many of you have actually tested their soap with a litmus paper? Because if you do, you’ll find out that it will faintly turn blue (basic) unlike the no change claimed on TV. I did this simple experiment for myself years ago when I was studying chemistry back in high school. My curiosity was, how can a ‘soap’ which is base by definition, not turn a litmus paper blue? I’ve recalled this particular observation because I’ve come to realize that marketers can have us believe even on the farcical claim that a ‘soap’ is not ‘basic’. Soaps are ALWAYS goddamn basic! The litmus is ALWAYS blue for ANY soap! Soaps are SALTS of fatty ‘ACIDS’ and are thus bases like other SALTS of other ACIDS!


A similar case, however much complex and occult, is presented in the postmodern, ideological and state-sponsored marketing of Ayurveda and Yoga. For example, if you ‘understand’ basic chemistry, Dove can’t fool you into believing that their soaps are neutral substances. In a much similar way, if you ‘understand’ the most basic human biology and physiology (functions of our body) and the origins and types of Yoga or Ayurveda, these marketers cannot fool you into believing in their bandwagon of super-hyped extraordinary claims simply intended for their capital gain!

One common explanation for this overt promotion of the two art could be our eastern or oriental inferiority complex. The meaningless thought that we sometimes used to have a grand culture which was supposedly more advanced than any, and now the ‘west’ has undermined our heritage and disciplines. Thus we blame every simple failings of our mentality on the obscurely defined criteria of ‘west’. We are simply trying to alter history towards false glory. So selling anything simply because it’s ‘ancient’ and ‘ours’ is literally and farcically dishonest (known as a genetic fallacy), especially when our claims can actually affect people’s health choices.

Fine! If you ‘personally’ (I repeat, ‘personally’) like these stretching exercises and ‘ancient’ (but medically insignificant) remedies for your own unreliable anecdotal ‘reasons’, go on and use them or practice them at your own risk. But at least for the love of the very term ‘reason’ , don’t irresponsibly call them ‘Scientific’ because that is one thing which they are NOT!