Your moral outrage explained by science….

Neurological Beings

The filter fiasco

The reason I decided to write this article is in lieu of what I like to call the recent ‘catastrophe of offense’ that embraced the Nepali internet community. What was objectively a simple, innocent and a creative gesture, was marred by a hailstorm of outrage and disapproval. Aayush Shrestha, a Nepali comedian, and an entrepreneur created a ‘Kumari filter’ on Instagram – for interested people to use it on their selfies or other pictures and showcase it to their friends. Many enjoyed it, but many were offended to such an extent that they even threatened him of harm – so much that he had to take the filter off the platform.

Kumari is an old continuing Newa tradition of appointing a pre-menstrual virgin girl from a specific part of the Newa community as a ‘living goddess’. Some historians say that the tradition was established by the Malla…

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