A student’s encounter.

Students are still beaten in Nepali schools……


So, turns out I was not the only one who was enraged and wrote something about the day (read here).

What follows next is what a student felt and wrote after those dreadful early minutes of a school day.

Today, 28th of November 2018, after I arrived at school, at around 10:00 we were announced that we would have an assembly. I along with my class joined the assembly where other fellow students had already settled. We did our morning prayer as usual and the vice-principal of our school spoke few words to the teachers in a little aggressive and high pitch.

He told the teachers to strictly check their students if they were in proper uniform or not. He even said that it was teachers’ fault that we were not obeying them and teachers are to be strict instead of being friendly with us.

At the same time…

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