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Life advice and Personality 

Speaking about life advice, no matter how well intended they seem like, may not apply to us universally.

Why I don’t bother to give life advice to anyone without them asking first for it, is because it’s utterly futile. They’re not going to listen and even if they do it may not apply to them.

What I think we fail to understand about human behaviour when approaching someone to advice them on life, is the fact that in terms of achieving our goals there are three broad categories of people in general.

  1. People who like to constantly stay in their comfort zones.
  2. People who can with ease sacrifice their comfort zones and tend to avoid it while trying to attain a goal.
  3. People, who like to stay in their comfort zones most of the time but can sacrifice it when the need arises.

Also none of these are ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ qualities, but rather just qualities of personality that simply are there. (And do note that this hasn’t got anything to do with hard work, emergencies or urgencies).

We can find satisfied as well as unsatisfied people carrying any of these qualities in any expansion of human life. So one advice may not work for all because first of all, we need to determine their type of personality.

And how do we do that? By a deep understanding of their nature, possibly through an open and an honest conversation.

Perhaps this is one reason why people who understand each other in any relationship and any bonding processes are less likely to fall apart. And I also would like to assume that perhaps this is also one reason why there are people who are satisfied with their lives in more than one possible way; simply because they got a suitable life advice from someone, somewhere who understood basic human nature. On the other hand, it could also be possible that the individual understood himself and made life choices by himself regardless of the people around him.

So identifying individual personality types seems pretty important for us as individuals, as well as others surrounding us while suggesting something about living. Best life advice, to me, are those that are holistic and not too general.


(But at the end of the day, this just my own philosophical postulation, and not authentic behavioural science or established philosophy of life)

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