Dr. GKC’s demands are indeed rational and justifiable looking in terms of Nepali ethics and law. I support his demands, most of them for practical purposes rather than ideological.

But unfortunately, as there has been the necessity for him to sit for an alarming “8th” Hunger strike, I think it is high time for Dr. GKC and his supporters to opt for a change of strategy in later days, hoping with good will that this strike will bear successful outcomes.

The government and the major parties keep on backtracking on the said demands. One day there is a NC government, another day there is a CPN-UMN or a Maoist Government, with no clear-cut motive for improvement in any cabinet whatsoever. So the question is, how many times Dr GKC needs to go on ansan, for the ruling parties to not backtrack on or change the agreements to suit their bureaucratic agenda?

And now let’s say that GKC’s demands are met yet again, for the 8th time. Let’s say that LMSK is impeached and sacked as CIAA chief. Will we be able to suppress all the deeply-rooted regenerating-heads of the bureaucratic Hydra forever? We will still have a lot of questions to answer I guess.

What next? Who decides on establishing a criteria for overseeing meritocracy? Who decides that the multitudes of government offices and officers in each one of them responsible for regulating the Health Care and Health education system in the country will be working ethically? Who decides on ensuring transparency? Who decides and who oversees the smooth implementation of the health policies? Who ensures and how do we know that the next set of policy makers stay true to their work? How can we ascertain that bureaucracy doesn’t reach up to the level of NMC or Health ministry? What if Dr GKC has to sit for another ansan again? What if Dr GKC dies in the process?

The question above implies the need for a change in our collective consciousness. We manage to see that ‘politics’, ‘nepotism’ and ‘corruption’ are the problem. We keep blaming these faceless scapegoats. We keep saying that ‘if Nepal was rid of corruption and nepotism’ it would become a great place’. We keep blaming the leaders and politicians, and yet we keep voting for them. We forget to look into the mirror ourselves. We forget to self-reflect. And when it comes to the level of an individual, suddenly Nepotism, Corruption and Politics are automatically justified. What now?

This very change in the collective consciousness can only come gradually out of one single entity our government spends like a miser on. Quality Education.

I’m not trying to imply that the GKC movement needs to shift focus or anything. It should stick to it’s own agenda for practical purposes. My point is philosophical, and addresses the present and long-term issues we face and will be facing.

The one core problem that the people in this country have faced since the Rana regime, i.e Universal Quality Education, has not been addressed till this very day.

The one problem that when addressed with full effect, will actually be able to achieve the very “Kaaya Palat” Dr GKC dreams of and talks about often. And for this “Kaaya palat”, we need to be patient, but the more we linger, the more we need to wait, and I’m sure no one wants to wait for a very long time.

Dr. GKC is sort of like a messiah for changing the paradigm of Health education and Health care system. But when will we have a messiah to fight for positive changes to Education as a whole? And another troubling question is…. do we always need a messiah for any worthy movement to start? Let’s think!


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