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The Ishan conundrum in brief

What I think

– His intentions are noble, but his approach is immature.
– His philosophy is courageous, but his support is mostly virtual.
– Actual reality is much more complex than portrayed by his political correctness…..
– Not every change can be achieved by playing the blame game, no matter how resistant or authoritative the opponent is….
– Blaming politicians will not solve anything, everything will ultimately come down to the democratic process…..
– We need to be able to suggest alternatives and also be able to implement those changes….
– To change a particular system we need to get into the system and change it from within…. not from a parallel….
– That is why I think Bibeksheel Nepali is a better force than Ishan to bring about effective change…. (but still not as effective as it should be)
– Change comes from the ballot boxes, change comes from opening our minds, not by idolizing a ‘messiah’ for change….

We do not always need a Gandhi or a Mandela to solve our problems. We can and are capable to raise our individual consciousness by training ourselves to think independently and by rationally and effectively being able to identify our biases.

#IamNotWithAnyone #IamWithReason #ThinkIndependently

Also read The Red Paint Conundrum, a blog post in the NASH website

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