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Nine days without oxygen or nine days without honesty?

Lately there has been quite a buzz around the the Nepali internet community regarding some Sidhha Baba Krishna das, who, along with his disciples and followers, has been claiming to have survived underground in a sealed compartment without food or oxygen for 9 days!

Now it surely is quite an astonishing achievement, defying human physiological limits, if what he’s claiming to have done is actually true.

Krishna Das commencing his 9 day long oxygen less slumber. Image: Annapurna post

At first, when I read the news on some online portal, I thought about leaving it as it is without debunking it, owing to the negative reputation among the public regarding online portals. It’s always a tedious work to debunk something that sounds so obviously farcical. But when I noticed big shot national daily newspapers such as the Annapurna post and National television such as NTV News cover Krishna Das’s story, the conscious part of me noticed that something was not right and thus I was motivated to write a debunk-blog on this.

Without wasting more time, let us examine his claims straight away, systematically.

The Claims made

  1. Krishna Das claims supposedly on 25th Chaitra 2072 (7th April 2016) that he can survive without oxygen and food for 9 whole days.
  2. He and his disciples and followers stage a demonstration on the above mentioned date where he was to supposedly sleep inside a polythene-sealed supposedly air-tight wooden compartment for 9 days.
  3. Annapurna post goes on to report that the air-tight compartment was placed underground under observation of doctors and press (unclear about how many of them were present and whether or not they are affiliated to Krishna Das and his motives).
  4. The sealed compartment was to be buried under 1 foot of soil and sand on top of which holy grass (Jamara) is to be grown, probably just to show that the lid to his compartment was not tampered with.
  5. He claims he would be able to do so by the help of a certain unnamed yoga aasan and meditation, which allows him to stop his heart beat for 9 days!
  6. He projected to wake up on 3rd of Baisakh 2073 (15th April 2016) at exactly 9:35am whence he shall be unearthed from his transient burial.
  7. As promised he does wake up and is uncovered from the compartment at the said date and time.
Krishna Das supposedly woke up from his claimed suspended animation. Image: Annapurna post

If we were to only look at his side of the story, and also as reported through various Nepali media outlets, then whoa! This seems to be nothing but a miracle! Chamatkar! But, as with every other Godman and charlatan, there always remain some loose ends and loop holes while they make some extraordinary claim out of the blue to garner public attention and media coverage. Because we should realize that 1) most televangelists, godmen and religious leaders seek mass media for publicity and 2) we live in a superstitious country where national daily newspapers have serious daily segments on astrology and Vaastu Shastra. So it is nothing new for even reputed news portals to come up with credulous stories on some mystical babas or gurus performing some random magical stuff.

What troubles me, and urges me most to write this blog is especially a statement made in the NTV 8:00pm news report today, at a time when a great many people nation-wide are hooked to their TV screens for this segment. The news reader said “Baba claims that his success has demonstrated that Scientific medicine still has not been able to prove anything of this sort and needs more investigation in this sector.

It’s a matter of concern in itself to see major media houses giving room to trivial news in place of the more important ones. It’s also very sad to see them portray some random charlatan as something worth considering, instead of trying to skeptically examine their activities as unbiased press is supposed to do. So I write….

Examining the claims in the same order

  1. [Krishna Das claims supposedly on 25th Chaitra 2072 (7th April 2016) that he can survive without oxygen and food for 9 whole days.] Krishna Das has surely claimed to be able to live for 9 days without oxygen and food, but he is not the first. There have been many claimants such as this one, some who have even claimed to have done so for 15 days let alone just 9! This still doesn’t validate his claim however, as it suggests more than ever of a likelihood of some slick trick up their sleeves. Another one is that of this guy, who claims to have been living for 70 years without food and water. One thing constant in such cases is that these Babas carry out their demonstrations only in the presence of their devotees or disciples and most of the time refuse to participate in controlled experiments to be carried out by neutral third parties, when invited.
  2. [He and his disciples and followers staged a demonstration on the mentioned date where he was to supposedly sleep inside a polythene-sealed supposedly air-tight wooden compartment for 9 days.] His samadhi takes place at his place of choice amidst his followers. It has been said that the whole thing was carried out in the presence of a few unnamed reporters and doctors. It’s not like in a country such as this that doctors and reporters cannot be bought. It’s also wrong to assume that a few doctors and press reporters could not even have been hoodwinked or deceived right there. Unless and until we are to be shown the details as to how the plastic was applied and how the compartment was designed, the whole demonstration loses its credibility.
  3. [The air-tight compartment was placed underground under observation of doctors and press] This is simply not enough. As I have said before, doctors and reporters are people as well and can be easily deceived owing to the overwhelming presence of devotees and disciples. A better way to observe would be to place cameras both on the inside as well as the outside, that are able to provide us with continuous non-interrupted recordings. What makes me doubt is the compartment being made out of wood and placed just a foot under porous soil and sand, which may not seal air completely. The method by which the plastic seal was applied is not very clear as well.
  4. [The sealed compartment was to be buried under 1 foot of soil and sand on top of which holy grass (Jamara) is to be grown, probably just to show that the lid to his compartment is not tampered with.] Nice try, but Jamara and sand are not enough in my opinion. One could easily cover pores with them and they too are not able to make the setup completely air-tight.
  5. [He claims he would be able to do so by the help of a certain unnamed yoga aasan and meditation, which allows him to stop his heart beat for 9 days!] A lot of sadhus and babas have claimed to have been able to do so, simply with the help of yoga and meditation. The most popular claim is them being able to stop their heartbeat completely. The same claim is made by Krishna Das as well. When invited to a fair, unbiased and controlled experiment, most of them refuse or do not attend for one or other reasons. In an experiment, when some claimants were observed under ECG while they meditated, their heart did not stop at all.
    • The average human body cannot survive without oxygen for 3 to 6 minutes.
    • The longest time breath held voluntarily recorded, is 24 min 3.45 secs and was achieved by Aleix Segura (Spain), in Barcelona, on 28 February 2016. This was done under a controlled setup by Guinness world records.
    • Yoga and meditation experts have been shown hold their breaths for longer than the average person who doesn’t do Yoga, but that is still not enough to hold it for a whopping 9 days as we are talking only in terms of minutes.
    • So it is impossible to be able to live even for more than a day with absolutely no oxygen, so 9 days is too extraordinary a claim!
  6. [He projected to wake up on 3rd of Baisakh 2073 (15th April 2016) at exactly 9:35am whence he shall be unearthed from his transient burial.] Well, this is not hard to understand. To be able to predict for exactly how long one can go without oxygen is very unlikely and dubious.
  7. [As promised he does wake up and is uncovered from the compartment at the said date and time.] But certainly if the entire setup is staged, then there would be no trouble in doing so. Anyone can do that. Not surprising.

Let’s come to the science part

Obviously a random blogger such as myself debunking Krishna Das’s claims logically is not enough to disprove him. But that still doesn’t give his demonstration any validity again. What is necessary is a controlled experiment to examine his claims. Because just as Carl Sagan has put it ‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’. The more profound a claim is, more rigorous should an experiment be in order to try and test the claim. If it passes after such unbiased observed scrutiny then the claim could be considered valid. If valid, such findings would possibly aid the human race with further research in order to be able to hold breath long enough for deep sea diving or maybe even outer-space explorations. If not, then it becomes just another claim without evidence in the market.

So I have designed an experiment for this purpose, which will be able to test Krishna Das’s claims accurately, that also will be immune to any foul play or trickery.

  • Hypothesis:
    • Survival without oxygen (0% Oxygen i.e zero partial pressure of Oxygen)
    • Duration of claimed survival: 9 days (216 hours)
    • Claims this can be done by meditating in a Yogic aasan, which temporarily stops heart beat, while being deprived of Oxygen for 9 days.
  • Set-up and materials required
    • A completely air-tight (or vacuum) chamber that fits an adult human, made up of
      • Preferably hard plastic with air-lock system
      • that is preferably transparent and has a vacuum outlet to remove all air from within the chamber and vacuum it.
      • if transparency is not desired, then a go-pro or any camera system fit on all corners of the chamber inside as well as outside, that records video on continuous shot for 9 straight days

        Air-tight see-through hard plastic container large enough for an adult human to fit in, with air-lock and preferably a vacuum outlet connected should be used
    • a team of significant professionals (certified medical doctors, journalists and technicians) not known to have been affiliated to Krishna Das in any way whatsoever.
    • an ECG (or vitals) monitor placed within the transparent chamber or that which can transmit signals wireless from within the air-locked chamber.
    • A pulse oxi-meter that displays oxygen saturation in the subject, to check if the subject is well and alive just in case his ECG becomes flat as he has claimed his heart will stop in his yogic aasan.
    • A system to monitor oxygen levels within the chamber
    • Camera angles outside the box should be adjusted such as the entire surface of the box from all sides, top as well as bottom, should be visible.
    • A method for immediate termination of experiment should the subject be under serious health hazard.
    • No one apart from the experimenters should be allowed within 10-20 metres of proximity of the setup.
    • The entire experiment is to be televised on a continuous shot with the help of multiple cameras simultaneously able to do so for 9 days continuously.
  • Procedure
    • Setup is prepared accordingly.
    • Cameras roll in a continuous shot able to last for 216 hours straight.
    • Subject (Krishna Das) is allowed as much time needed to carry out the preliminaries (Puja, Yogic practices etc) required for him to prepare himself before commencing.
    • Subject not be allowed to take into the chamber with him any equipment or instrument that helps or aids breathing, his clothing and garments and body surfaces are to be thoroughly checked by the examiners.
    • When everything is ready, subject enters the air-tight chamber with ECG and Pulse oximeter monitors in-situ.
    • Cameras inside the chamber (if any required) is initiated into recording.
    • Air-lock is applied, chamber is vacuumed, subject’s vitals checked and oxygen level inside the chamber checked.
    • No one is allowed within 10-20 metres of the setup.
    • Unless the subject’s condition worsens to critical level or if the subject voluntarily signals for termination, the experiment will not be terminated until the 216th hour is over.
  • Safety considerations
    • Pulse oximeter in-situ.
    • First-aid setup with stretcher.
    • Well-equipped ambulance on the ready.
    • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation setup with the provision of cardiac defibrillator and trained personell.
    • Quick de-vacuumizing setup.
    • Oxygen mask, oxygen cylinder, ventilator setup (machine/bag-mask).
    • Abort:
      • if Oxygen saturation (SPO2) is less than 80% with flat or almost flat ECG.
      • if SPO2 is less than 70% without flat ECG.
      • if SPO2 is less than 60% with or without flat ECG.
      • if subject signals for abortion.


Anyone thorough with high school science can understand this experiment and anyone equipped with the necessary budget and time can carry this out flawlessly. It’s a simple experiment anyone can design and perform.

If Krishna Das agrees to take part in this experiment or a similar controlled one, then maybe his claims are worth considerations and worth the time and effort of all the professionals involved. If he refuses, just like other previous babas and sandhus, then he goes straight into the archive of charlatans, frauds and con-artists. Period.


  1. Annapurna post [Nepali] – Commencement of Krishna Das’s venture
  2. Annapurna post [Nepali] – Krishna Das wakes up from his samadhi
  3. Can yogis stop their heart? [English] 
  4. Experiments in India on “Voluntary” Control of the Heart and Pulse
  5. Bihar ‘godman’ out of sealed pit after 15 days without water; doctors say it’s impossible
  6. Longest time breath held voluntarily
  7. Man claims to have had no food or drink for 70 years


32 thoughts on “Nine days without oxygen or nine days without honesty?”

  1. So every such things are fake in your view.How about the self Immolation of a monk in Vietnam in 1963.Why didn’t he even move .I believe you can’t even touch fire for a second .So can you debunk that one as well.just don’t claim what you didn’t see is not true.


    1. Dude, you do know that he died right?… I imagine it would be pretty difficult to move once you’re burnt and no longer living. Also, what that baba did is nowhere near worth comparing to the monk’s actions. The monk’s motive was for the unification of humanity and equality for all religions by sacrificing himself, not for some popularity contest by posing as a holy one to fool the public and get endless amounts of donation to open a chowchow factory. Believe in whatever principle you wish to but it is important to distinguish fact from fiction. Dharma is when you give that pint of milk to the poor and helpless instead of pouring it over on a man-made relic. And if you believe in God, I think s/he would be pretty unimpressed if you don’t do the first.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Self immolation of Thich Quang Duc is a totally irrelevant argument. Since we are only dealing with the claim of Yoga/Meditation allowing humans to survive without OXYGEN I will not be focusing on Thich Quang Duc or self-immolation more. Though I will provide you with a ‘possible’ explanation at the end of this comment.

      My focus is only on this baba’s claim of being able to survive without oxygen which is too extraordinary a claim and too good to be true. I begin from the default premise that this baba is false unless and until he proves himself. I’m actually giving him and people like him a chance to prove, but with a fair setup, where we can make sure there is no foul play or cheating at work. 🙂 I’m also very open-minded that if he proves his point after going through rigorous testing, then he could have a valid point and I am ready to accept his claim.

      I have suggested him and claimants like him to take part in a fair, un-tampered experiment that allows him to demonstrate his ability in absolutely NO OXYGEN (0% Oxygen). A crudely made wooden box as used by him is not completely air-proof; certain amount of air will always leak into it. The way the plastic was applied is not clear from any sources that mention his achievement. And he is just 1 foot under a ‘porous’ soil, which still doesn’t block air going into his chamber…..

      Now about self immolation, as you have commented…
      “So every such things are fake in your view.How about the self Immolation of a monk in Vietnam in 1963.Why didn’t he even move .”
      Well, it appears that he was indeed quite brave or tolerant enough to not move while being burnt alive. But before assuming something that we are not sure about, like the possibility of supernatural power existing. Let’s rationalize for a moment with something that we do know about. Anaesthesia.
      1) Vietnam was notorious for its illegal poppy trade during the vietnam war.
      2) Poppy seeds are used to derive a very potent drug, opium/morphine, which can be very effective analgesics (i.e something to block pain sensation).
      3) High doses of poppy extracts, opium/morphine/heroine can very strongly inhibit pain sensation.
      Surgeons/ Anesthetists use morphine to alleviate pain sensations during major surgeries, where sometimes tissues also need to be burnt away to remove them (cautery).
      4) It is and was also very common for spiritual people, esp Buddhist monks to consume poppy seeds in order to indulge in masochistic rituals where they were exposed to bout loads of pain stimuli…
      5) In addition to the poppy seed consumption, with much practise, many buddhist monks from many sects (Shaolin) and people who do Kung-fu were also known to have practiced being exposed to many pain sensations to increase their pain threshold. One word: practice.
      6) So the best explanation for why Thich Quan Duc did not move a muscle when he was burning himself alive could be a) Powerful Analgesia (poppy seeds/opium/ morphine/ heroine) b) pain tolerating training he had
      7) And last but not the least. He only has to tolerate the pain until all the pain receptors (nerve endings) have burnt away after which he wont feel any pain upto the moment he loses his consciousness.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Exactly! For someone who who places their entire belief system on evidence you can see the writer gave no proof that there was any dishonesty. He failed to provide even one fact that would prove this is fake. let’s remember that it is our western doctors and medicine reaserchers who did nothing to let the truth out about Cannabis, natures aspirin. Are these the people we are supposed to trust blindly? I’ll take religion!


      1. Thank you for nit reading the post correctly. The writer has merely suggested for a ‘better’ experiment under a controlled setup that ensures no foul play. If it were not for scientific medicine, you’d have been either dead due to polio/small pox/measles/rubella or scores of other diseases.

        Good luck with religion!


      2. Don’t forget AIDS, and Mad Cow, they saved us from those disease shortly after they created them. They also took trillions for cancer reaserch but for many decades not one of these trusted intellects thought they should study the one plant people have been using medicinally for 10,000 years. Yay for science. Let’s not listen to anyone who doubts our scientists, we can use ridicule to shut them up because our doctors know everything. Ps. Keep quiet about how 85% of medical schools still don’t teach about the body’s cannabinol nerve system.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. 1) you have no evidence that ‘they’ created AIDS/MAD COW diseases
        2) This excellent unbiased article answers everything about cannabinol
        3) Cannabinol is not just one substance, its a complex ‘group’ of molecules each with different mechanisms of actions.
        4) You can question everything, it is good that you question even the most rooted notions in science, but you also need to know that ‘cherry picking’ information and appealing to the mass, or emotions is not a good way to do so.
        5) Your distrust in science is nothing new that I have to deal with. You declare ‘scientists’ and ‘doctors’ to be a whole conspiring group and ignore the fact that most of them are also people with families, are ethical and independent in their research.
        6) I welcome any critique that is constructive (rather than just name calling and aiming abuses which I consider desperate trolls).
        7) Tin-foil-hat logic about conspiracies and stuff usually have no solid evidence to base the argument so I choose not to delve into that without definitive evidence (i.e Like watergate and Snowden leaks)
        8) hate it or deny it, science is the best system discovered by us humans so far. There are no other that are equally useful.
        9) Science is not perfect, I agree. There are still many things it hasn’t answered and many things still left to discover. But this not something with which we can discount science and the scientific method.


  2. One friend has FB status like this, it’s worthy to read.

    Raju Chhetri
    हैट दुखी आत्म !
    दशैमा टीका लगाएर सुत्दा बीहान सबै टीका झरेको हुन्छ चन्दनको लेप लगायर 9 दिन समाधी बस्दा शरीरमा पसीना आउनु या कर्बट बद्लीन सक्छ चन्दनको टीका पोछिन सक्छ यति सोच्न नसकी टीका कहाँ गयो भन्ने हरुले आफ्नो बाउ चिन्न DNA चेक गरेर मात्र बाउ भन्ने कि ?
    मरेकाे ३ दिनमा येशु बिउँझेको कथा सुनाउँदा ‪#‎अामेन‬ भन्नेहरू,
    ८/९ वटा CCTV क्यामेरा,
    गण्डकी मेडिकल कलेज/ मणिपाल हस्पिटल काे doctor हरूकाे निरिक्षणमा
    ९ दिन ‪#‎समाधि‬ बसेर उठ्याे भन्दा,
    चाकमा नुन-खुर्सानी लागेजस्ताेे गरि उफ्रिन्छ त हाै !!


    1. Hahaha. So naive. The problem is not with doctors observing it. The problem is with the type of chamber used.

      1) Wooden chamber is not air-proof. So even if we have 100 doctors and 100 CCTV cameras, it won’t be able to adequately show the oxygen level inside the box.
      2) If the guy is so sure…about being able to survive without oxygen. Why not do it in a vacuum chamber which ensures that there is no oxygen inside the chamber at all? Surely then would have the baba’s claim been valid.
      3) This person is surely upset that people dared to question the baba’s claims. It seems like he is a keen proponent, biased.
      4) The experiment carried out is not very transparent. The procedure is not transparent. He claims he’s able to stop his heart to be able to live without oxygen.
      5) No effort has been done, by the present doctors, to map his ECG and oxygen saturation when he is within the box.
      6) No one talks about the oxygen levels in the box, which have not been shown to have been documented. How do we know that the wooden box was air-tight without measuring oxygen levels?

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  3. @Sandehakari: Thanks for your analysis of this charlatan and for your website. I’d been looking for a website like yours. My readers and I regularly examine the extraordinary claims of yogis, mystics, and meditator at my blog. I’ll add a link to your blog as a reference for visitors and readers at my site.

    Our world needs more people and sites like yours to discuss these topics. In the West (I live in US) there is little skeptical discussion of Eastern mythological constructs, like you and I blog about.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Very well written blog. Before reading your blog, I was thinking to write similar blog about Sidhha Baba Krishna das. I think now I do not have to. Beyond my imagination, you have written all the content clearly, preciously and logically. The best part I like was “Let’s come to the science part”. It is written in detail with procedure and equipment name. I am also a skeptic. I usually hear skeptic views form people like James Randi and Richard Dawkins. With your blog I am glad that in Nepal also there are people who demand evidence before believing something. My best wishes for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I want to point out that you haven’t read the article properly. The person in the link you have provided is also Alex Segura from Barcelona. Which is exactly the same guy that is mentioned in this article with breath holding time 24mins 3.25seconds.

      Before pointing out the flaws in others’ article, it is better to ‘read’ properly first.


  5. I was hoping to find content in the article after the intriguing headline. I realized I won’t be finding any when the writer decided to give examples of false claims made in the past by other people as proof this is also false. Pathetic piece, I want my 5 min back.


    1. Umm. The writer is just suggesting a better experiment to be done under controlled setup. There is no intent to ‘prove’ anything through this single essay.

      Thanks for reading. But had you not commented then you could’ve saved an additional 5mins. Cheers!

      Lesson 1: Never fall for intriguing headlines!


  6. I think your comment includes everything you had to say about the subject, you should have just said that. The rest of the information about the history of hoaxes, and the presence of dishonest individuals in the world was a transparent attempt to convince the ignorant among us of something. Btw, I agree that the experiment was not done in a way that we can trust anymore then the writer of this pointless article.


    1. The experiment wasn’t done because if you know the news out here in Nepal then I had proposed the experiment as this guy had challenged doctors to design a box. Latest development is that he has refused to display his act on someone else’s setup. Like every charlatan. If you think this article is pointless, then why comment? I think you are just upset that this article hit deep into your belief system. Cheers!


  7. I saw this fake Krishna das at kathmandu airport with a gorgeous beauty girlfriend claiming to be his Secretary only .Nepalese people living in superstitious world and pure bull shit nonsense . there is a guy called bharat sapkota claiming to be his follower and took me to airport to receive him . h came with a flight from viraat nagar . all those idiots running behind him . am a sereacher from USA .when he heard am from usa prompted he said oh I could come there and demonstrate .I said you know what if we seal your box you will end up dead and reached God . I said personal into his face that all you claiming is crazy .he looked at me like what you are saying but did not respond .he also claiming to be a deciple of nitya days gopal maharaja from Ayodhiya city .last month I was in ayodhya and went to choti chawni where nitya gopaldas ji lived . I told him all my story after he said I know this guy he always comes here but he is fake .he said I can’t stop him because that’s his nature .so don’t let people fool me here .am a medical .that’s pure bull shit he is claiming .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What u hav mentioned here is totally fake. Krishna das ji is one of the most loved disciple of nritya gopal das ji maharaj. I wonder how u can write these fake things that he is not the disciple of nritya gopal das ji maharaj.


  8. Dear sandehkari, this act of krishna das ji has surprised everyone. The people are divided in different groups and has given their own logic. After this act I went across various research, I googled and read many books whether it is really possible. Later I came to know that it is just the practical implication of the real yog. Krishna das ji did what was said in bhagwad gita. In 6th episode of gita, krishna had told about astanga yog. There are eight steps of yog viz. यम, नियम , आसन, प्राणायम, प्रत्याहार, ध्यान, धारणा and समाधी. The last stage of yog is samadhi. In this state conscious meet with superconscious. There are seven chakras in our body. The motto of yog is to open all the chakras. The root chakra is muladhar chakra and the upper most chkara is sahasrar chakra. And if the sahasrar chakra gets open then any person can go to the state of samadhi. At that state the person can do anything. He even can go against the nature. There are many rishis and minis in our ancient books who have lived many years because they have achieved the state of samadhi. And at that state the person know abou him, about the creator and about the god. Krishna das ji tried to show the same thing that the man can be supernatural in the state of samadhi.the person gain powers which we call siddhis. But these sort of person doesnot show these things to the public. They do these things secretely. This is known as mahayog. What we call yoga in present time is just the part of mahayog. They are the asnas and pranayams. But the real crux of yog is to meet with the superconscious. This is what he is tryin to show the world but medias create confusion regarding this. It is not whether there is oxugen or not it is just trying to illustrate the samadhi.

    U may refer to wikipedia for this. U may know about kundalini awakening. All the respected saints of present times has illistrated on this. Swami vivekananda , gautam buddha , swam ram krishna paramhans anf many others are achieved the real crux of yoga. Samdhi is the enlightment. This is the same enlightment what gautam buddha had achieved, what our ancient rishis and munis have achieved. Krishna das ji tried to show that to achieve enlightment is possible even in the present time.

    I used to believe this as fake but later i believed that it is possible. I went through many interviews of krishna das ji, went through variuos books, googled about it and my conclusion is yes it is possible to live without oxygen during the state of samadhi.

    I hope you also detaily study about it through various refrences.


    1. Googling does not mean you are doing your research. Much of the claims of Yog are too profound to be true. They are all extraordinary claims without extraordinary evidence. Krisna das is a proven fraud with a police report.

      Ultimately, you are wrong.

      This is what happens when someone only argues with one dimension in mind.


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