Table Of Contents

Skeptical Scrutiny and examinations [Editing Ongoing…..]

  1. Gotra: Science or Myth
  2. Menstrual Taboo: Bleed out the nonsense
  3. 9 days without oxygen or 9 days without honesty?
  4. Examining Freedom of Expression

Newer Essays (Philosophy/Opinions)

  1. On Ends and their means….
  2. On Karma
  3. Emancipate the Enlightenment
  4. Spirituality without ignorance
  5. Aid our faulty memories!
  6. A vision for my city…
  7. France wasn’t built in a day…
  8. The Virtue of Free Time (A 21st Century add-on to Russell’s ‘On Idleness’)

Excerpts and Quotations

  1. The Dragon in my Garage (Carl Sagan)
  2. Time for math, a time to kill (David Eagleman)

Older Essays [Poor writing quality]

  1. Quest For Skepticism
  2. Life and Probability
  3. Will I ever go back into the dark?
  4. तर्क
  5. Science doesn’t know everything
  6. Roots….
  7. Questioning and Rethinking Democracy
  8. On Stoicism
  9. Effective Altruism
  10. Is Dualism Dead?
  11. Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!
  12. The Pay Gap Conundrum
  13. “But it’s their culture!”
  14. Death of the Biosphere?
  15. Can machines Think?