Table Of Contents

Despite the name of this blog, I myself am but a novice Sandehakari, and will have to keep learning and practicing this difficult art. Yes, art. I am a certified medical doctor from Nepal by profession, but am also an amateur (or simply a ‘wannabe’) philosopher. So some of the opinion blogs (not really the factual ones) may be based on my personal philosophy on how to live a fulfilling life and such. Keep the designated tags and category tabs in mind while reading my posts. Enjoy!!!!

Referenced Blogs

  1. Introduction: Who can be a Sandehakari? 
  2. Gotra: Science or Myth
  3. Menstrual Taboo: Bleed out the nonsense
  4. 9 days without oxygen or 9 days without honesty?
  5. Examining Freedom of Expression

Philosophy and Opinions (In Chronological Order)

  1. Quest For Skepticism
  2. Life and Probability
  3. Will I ever go back into the dark?
  4. तर्क 
  5. Science doesn’t know everything
  6. The Dragon in my Garage
  7. Roots….
  8. Origin of Religion: A video
  9. Ishan Conundrum in Brief
  10. Questioning and Rethinking Democracy
  11. On Stoicism
  12. Observing Narendra Modi
  13. Questioning the Gregorian Calendar: Kurzgesagt
  14. Authority vs Learning
  15. Effective Altruism
  16. Is Dualism Dead?
  17. Life Advice and Personality
  18. Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!
  19. The Pay Gap Conundrum
  20. “But it’s their culture!”
  21. Death of the Biosphere?
  22. Can machines Think?
  23. Ends and their means….
  24. Karma
  25. Did you know?
  26. Emancipate the Enlightenment
  27. Spirituality without ignorance